6 things you need to know about Warwick International College

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They were founded to be excellent at Science

…and very recently too. Unlike the majority of schools attending the Future Schools Fair, Warwick International College was founded on the sole principle of delivering an excellent STEM education to those who want to continue their studies at a top university in the UK. All their staff have proven track records in gaining their pupils A and A* grades at A Level and many have experience at delivering stellar results at Olympiads, Junior Olympiads and other national competitions.

Pursuing excellence is a way of life at Warwick

At WIC, excellence is codified in their Three Spheres of Excellence. They are as follows:

  1. A Level
  2. Extended Project Qualification
  3. English

To Warwick, great A Level grades are just one part of what makes an excellent student and they fully encourage their pupils to develop in all three areas.

They have a digital learning ecosystem

If you’ve been reading the education news then you’ll have seen that tech is now playing a big part in education in the UK. Nowhere is this more apparent than at Warwick. The college has a fully integrated digital learning system both inside and outside the classroom.

Inside the classroom pupils are issued with an iPad pro, Apple pencil and keyboard and are introduced to making notes in software like Evernote or Microsoft OneNote. Outside pupils are supported by a cloud-based learning system that allows them to check timetables and lesson resources as well as submitting homework and coursework digitally.

They have excellent links with amazing universities

Staff at Warwick have close personal links with many of the world’s best universities including Harvard, Yale, Oxbridge and many of the UK’s Russell Group universities. These close personal links enable open communication and academic recognition and are sure to help your child in securing a place at the University of their choice.

They cater for international students

In more ways than one. Firstly, a place on their IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is mandatory for any pupils that score less than 5.5 in the entrance testing. This is to ensure that pupils are all at the highest possible standard of spoken and written English prior to their university application.

However this care extends well beyond the classroom into a pastoral care system focussed around providing the pupil one-to-one care. Each pupil is assigned an Adult Mentor who, through daily one-to-one meetings, will help the student to achieve a proper, nurturing work-life balance.

Parents and families are kept regularly updated through a private Skype room, where pupils can talk to their families and through an online assessment system, updated every two weeks that enables pupils to chart their child’s A Level progress, how they’re getting on with learning English and their personal development. International pupils also have the benefit of a homestay programme that places them with carefully selected families throughout Coventry so as to give them an immersive experience of living in the UK.

It’s not all work and no play

As well as a STEM-focussed curriculum, Warwick offers a full co-curriculum that encompasses a range of sport (rugby, netball, football, cricket, tennis, badminton, volleyball, swimming and more), regular excursions to the surrounding area, which includes Shakespeare’s birthplace, and beyond and a truly enviable drama programme that includes workshops run by The Belgrade Theatre Company run in Coventry city centre.

As with most schools, they also offer a full Duke of Edinburgh’s programme to students and a range of musical tuition.

If this has whet your whistle for learning more about this excellent educational establishment then come along to our Future Schools Fair this Saturday at The Blue Fin Building in London. Free tickets are still available but hurry, they’re going fast!


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