Ride from School

img_9495On Monday 4th July Swanbourne House held the annual Ride from School, an event which sees pupils ride their ponies around the school grounds. The weather was cloudy but fairly warm as parents parked at the Bottom Pitches and pupils gathered at reception chatting excitedly. The ride began in the field outside the main house where riders and parents gathered for a photoshoot. The group then set out through Swanbourne Estate, passing a few old barns and crossing Claydon Brook. Luckily, the ground was good enough for a short canter which the children very much enjoyed. The ride finished at the Bottom Pitches where the ponies were untacked and rested before tea and cake was served in the pavilion. Great fun was had by all and we are thankful to all those who made the ride possible.


House BBQ and Battle

img_9665On Tuesday 5th July the annual ‘Battle’ took place at Swanbourne House. This is a very popular event in our calendar and involves staff and pupils re-enacting a famous battle, but with a twist. As 2016 is the 950th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings, Swanbourne travelled back to 1066 but this time the battle was fought with water guns and water balloons and lunch trays acted as shields. The Top Year fought as the Anglo-Saxons and were dressed in red while the 7s-11s wore blue to represent the Norman invaders. Each army was equipped and shown the battlefield boundaries before lining on the Golf Course in their agreed formation. There they paraded their weapons and engaged in some heckling before charging on the battle cry. The battle saw some fierce fighting as older pupils fought to soak their younger siblings and teachers made amends for any late preps and missed registrations! The Anglo-Saxon Top Year successfully defended their supplies and even commandeered the Normans’ water tanks. However, King Harold was eventually struck and fell to the ground and the Normans were declared the victors. As usual, the Battle did not disappoint and everyone had a great time. Here’s to next year!




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